Espen Arnesen

Picture of Espen Nick Zark Zervo
Job title Software Engineer / Systems Designer
Motto "If you can't beat them, shoot them!"
In the project Chief engineer of basic guns, 1st gunner, web designer.

As evil as he may look, he is worse. He develops weapon systems for money and makes OfficeGuns for fun.


Geir Bjerke

Picture of Geir Nick Neon
Job title Software Engineer
Motto "It's better to shoot and miss than never to have shot at all"
In the project Chief engineer of advanced guns, cameraman, 2nd gunner, web designer, video editor.

His strategic office location next to the office supply room makes him a valuable asset in the development of new and improved OfficeGuns.


Glenn Thomas Hvidtsten

Picture of Glenn Nick Chandler
Job title Software Developer / Graphic Designer
Motto "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real." -Jules Verne
In the project Cameraman, assistant, gun engineer.

Calm on the outside. On the inside? We don't want to know. A valuable everyday tester of the various guns.



Picture of Gunnar Nick Officegunnar
Job title Bubblewrap
Motto "It's a wrap!"
In the project Test subject, morale booster.

Gunnar arrived a bit late in the project due to a shipping mistake at the UPS Kiel hub. However, during testing he always kept the morale high by telling jokes like "It could always be worse. We could be stuck in customs.". Gunnar was very helpful in safety equipment testing, putting himself at great risk.

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